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Why is Lakewood Ranch the #1 Multi-Gen Community in the US?

Lakewood Ranch is the second-fastest growing community in the USA. Why? Because it’s multigenerational. Since day one, the developers planned Lakewood Ranch to have a variety of neighborhoods, each fitting the needs of its residents. From young families, their parents, to their grandparents Lakewood Ranch has all the amenities and services you could want.

Lakewood Ranch has multiple country clubs with golf, tennis, and top tier restaurants. The views of the rolling hills, tended ponds, and tall palm trees will take your breath away. You’ll be greeted by friendly wildlife like prancing deer, colorful birds, and a few tiny geckos.

The area boasts highly rated schools as well as brand new private schools like The Classical Academy of Sarasota. Healthcare services are available just around the corner so you’re never far from help when you need it. Lakewood Ranch has won the “Best in Infrastructure” title for strategically planning out the location of grocery stores, daycare centers, and parks to be easily accessible. So easy you could bike to the store, walk your child to school, and have lunch at home during your work day.

Not convinced yet? Lakewood Ranch also offers unique entertainment like Polo Tournaments and Theatre in the Field. From community parties to the organic farmer’s market there is always something to do closeby. Feeling a little adventurous? Just a short drive away is the famous Siesta Key Beach with its white sand and turquoise water. Within walking distance of the beach is St. Armands Circle, brimming with shops and restaurants.

When you’re considering where to live, Lakewood Ranch has it all. Curious about what’s waiting for you in Lakewood Ranch? Give Marina Solo a call 941-960-6445.

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