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Kayaking the Coast

This is REAL Florida
As we set out on our adventure, we made our way through Bishop Bayou. There were shallow areas and we were able to see crabs, starfish, and seahorses in the water below us. Native birds were perched watching our every move as we passed by.

Entering Sarasota Bay, which is part of the Inter-Coastal Waterway, we passed by a tree filled with Brown Pelicans, basking in the sun. It was amazing to see because when you think of pelicans you don’t envision them perched in a tree.

Even though we kept our eyes peeled for dolphins, we only saw one briefly out in the distance. As we ventured, we reached our final destination known as Beer Can Island.

Beer Can Island, also known as Hooked Spit or Greer Island Park, is located at the northern tip of Longboat Key, at Longboat Pass drawbridge. It is undeveloped, untouched, and absolutely beautiful.

Longboat Pass Drawbridge
As we walked around the island, our children were excited to see so many shells in all different shapes and sizes. They were elated when another person in our tour gave them a sand dollar she had just found.

Even though we were just across the pass from Coquina Beach, it seemed like we were worlds away from everyone else. The old trees, some of which had fallen into the water, were covered in algae that swayed with each breaking wave.

The trees that were lucky enough to still be standing were wrapped with all different shades of colorful barnacles.

Every little thing added to the allure of this small untouched part of nature.

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